CMH supplies all our guests with skis, poles and snowboards at no-extra charge. We have partnered with Atomic and Burton to get you out skiing and riding on the newest technology in big mountain skis and boards.

Ski and snowboard boots are not provided for your trip.
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Our Equipment

All areas except CMH Kootenay. Please note the model at the lodge may have different graphics than shown.

Atomic BACKLAND 107 Thumbnail
Atomic BACKLAND 107
  • Powder Rocker
  • 135 / 107 / 125 mm
  • Radius: 19.5 m @ 189 cm

The Atomic Backland 107 is an exciting addition to the expanding Backland range that delivers the best in the Big Mountain powder performance. With pronounced camber under foot plus Powder Rocker – big in thr tip, smaller in the tail – this is the super versatile, mid-waist Backland, built for charging in deep snow and chop with total confidence. That said, it’s also seriously versatile all over the mountain with a Step Down Sidewall 2.0 in combination with Carbon Sprocket Power Boosters laid directly into the Lite Woodcore, making it super smooth and stable even on harder terrain. This new addition to the Backland line-up becomes the starting width in our current CMH ski selection.

Construction: Lite wood core
Sizes: 175, 182, 189 cm

Atomic BACKLAND 117 Thumbnail
Atomic BACKLAND 117
  • Powder Rocker
  • 140.5 / 117 / 129.5 mm
  • Radius: 19 m @ 186 cm

The Backland 117 is Atomic’s premium Big Mountain model with a generous 117mm waist and two huge Powder Rockers in the tip and tail, and delivers perfect lift in powder and boasts exceptional turning compliance. A special feature are the Sprocket Powder Boosters to the front and rear of the binding: these lightweight titanium inserts stabilize the ski and allow skiers to take drops in their stride. The camber ensures powerful edge grip even on harder terrain.

Construction: Lite wood core
Sizes: 167, 179, 186, 193 cm

K2 Pon2oon Thumbnail
K2 Pon2oon
  • Powder Rocker
  • 157 / 132 / 122 mm
  • Radius: 30 m @ 179 cm

Designed with the same philosophy of slaying powder easier, faster and with less effort, the all-new Pon2oon has Rockers in the tip and tail and features a redesigned Powder tip and a non-twin tip Progressive Powder tail. While the ski has similar pivot performance to its predecessor, it now comes with more predictable turn initiation and added breaking power in the tail. The dimensions on the Pon2oon increase as the ski gets longer in length, maxing out at a whopping 134 mm underfoot in the 189 cm size.

Construction: Triaxial Braided, Cap, Fir / Aspen
Sizes: 159, 169, 179, 189 cm

Atomic Women's Backlands Thumbnail
Women's Atomic Backland 102 & 109
  • Powder Rocker
  • 128.5 / 102 / 119 mm
  • Radius: 14 m @ 156 cm

The Women’s specific Backlands are Atomic’s premium powder skis for women and deliver an especially uplifting experience in powder snow. Their 102 or 109mm waist widths and Powder Rocker ensure optimum lift, while the Step Down 2L sidewall construction and tip-to-tail wood core cushion shocks and landings. Enjoy much more than just effortless powder forays thanks to a pronounced camber in the binding area, and the Backlands also deliver optimum edge grip and precision control on harder snow. They are ideal for female skiers looking for skis that are both effortless and easy to manoeuver in powder snow.

Construction: Lite wood core, step down sidewall
Sizes: 102 Width - 156, 164 cm | 109 Width - 159, 167 cm

Burton Fish Thumbnail
Burton Fish

The Fish continues to revolutionize the way we all ride powder thanks to a trademark recipe that combines S-RockerTM and massive taper in a downsized deep-day rocket.

The proven choice for deep snow! Its tapered shape design makes it much easier to sink the tail with the rear leg, which along with 4mm of tip rocker, provides better tip floatation and less effort to steer through deep snow.

All our boards are fitted with Burton Cartel bindings.

Sizes: 151, 156, 161 cm

Prior Slasher Thumbnail
Prior Slasher

The Slasher is a great addition to our Powder/All Mountain line up. It can be ridden 3-5cm shorter due to its longer effective edge and short swallowtail. The short radius, longer powder nose and small swallowtail primes this board to slay all terrain from top to bottom in both tight trees and open terrain while allowing for tight carves and great floatation.

All our boards are fitted with Burton Cartel bindings.

Sizes: 156, 161 cm

Prior Legacy Thumbnail
Prior Legacy (Limited availability)

The shorter than average length and unconventional shape gives this board exceptional speed and float. Taking design cues from Prior’s ever-popular powder line up as well as the evolution of surf designs this short and nimble board allows you to charge tight lines, aggressively carve open faces or rip through the trees thanks to its wider waist width and significant side cut.

All our boards are fitted with Burton Cartel bindings.

Sizes: 149 cm