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Welcome to our Powder Intro Program! For strong intermediate to advanced skiers or boarders who dream of Heli-Skiing but have never experienced true backcountry conditions, this trip is for you.


You have a unique opportunity to Heli-Ski as a family on a brand new Small Group trip at CMH Adamants over the holidays, December 21-28, 2019. Lap countless runs together as you play within 247,000 acres of pure awesome, in your close group, with your own heli and ACMG guide.

Openings like this don’t happen often.
Don’t miss your chance.

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A First Timer's Perspective / Olivia Newhouse
A First Timer's Perspective

First Timers

You’re thirsty for magnificent backcountry powder, but not sure you can handle it? That’s ok, we’ll hit low-stress terrain where you can hone your intermediate/advanced skills on your own terms.

Snowball fights at Adamants
first timers family

Family Freedom

Keep up with the kids on the mountain, then let them head to the lodge early while you stick to skiing, worry-free. They’ll be having a blast with supervised fun like treasure hunts and snowball fights.

Cariboos / Danny Stoffel Powder Intro - Snowboarder

Perfect Terrain

Beat all your best days (ever!) at any ski resort. No crazy steeps or too-tight trees, but it's a great introduction to powder. Get a feel for out-of-bounds skiing on friendly terrain without taming the ecstasy of Heli-Skiing in the middle of nowhere.

Taking at break at Adamants banner general 35

50+ Years of Safe Skiing

We exceed industry standards with the most advanced safety equipment, exceptionally experienced guides and pilots, monitored helicopter health and sophisticated snow intelligence.

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Bugaboos Lodge Virtual Tour
Bugaboo Lodge - Hot Tub

A Welcoming Retreat

With six lodges to choose from, you'll find the perfect place to recharge after a full day of skiing and riding. Indulge in a massage, tackle a climbing wall, or just cozy up by the fireplace - there's something for everyone.

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Powder Intro

Experience powder for your first time with just 10 guests, led by two professional guides. We love to introduce skiing in mountain wilderness to strong intermediate/advanced skiers or boarders. Three million acres is too much to keep all to ourselves.

Powder Intro (Women Only)

Boost your confidence skiing alongside women who go at your pace. Grab some of your friends and let us give you the perfect, sensational introduction to powder. Share a life-altering, unforgettable experience. It’s only for women, and trips fill fast.

Family Adventure

Whether your kids can out-ski you or want to come in early, they'll have a day they'll never forget. Give them a taste of powder and at the end of the day, if they want to head back to the lodge for fun and games, you can stay out on the slopes.

Small Group, Family Trip

A rare opportunity that’s only available for December 2019. Combine family time with one of the best Heli-Skiing experiences possible. Enjoy the ability to snag fresh tracks with the younger members of your family on this one-of-a-kind Small Group trip.

frequently asked questions

Is Powder Intro ski school? Is instruction included?

Powder Intro is not ski school, but there is some instruction included for skiing/riding in deep powder.

How experienced of a skier/rider do I need to be for Powder Intro?

To go on a Powder Intro trip, you need to be a strong intermediate skier/rider. Not sure if that’s you? Give us a call at 1-800-661-0252 and we’ll help find the right trip for you.

How fit do I need to be to Heli-Ski?

A typical CMH Heli-Skiing Guest is:

  • a strong intermediate to advanced skier/rider
  • able to ski/ride in control on most terrain and willing to try black diamond runs
  • comfortable in a variety of snow conditions
  • fit enough to ski/ride for consecutive days
  • someone who has skied/ridden actively at mountain resorts for a few seasons
My partner/family member is already a strong skier/rider; can they still ski with me?

Our Powder Intro trips are meant for newcomers to deep snow skiers/riders, and for those who would like to ski with a maximum of 10 guests and 2 guides. If your family members are strong powder skiers they can join you, but they’ll be skiing at a slower pace. We recommend that the stronger skier joins the Signature program so you can focus on the instruction.

Can we ski as a family? What is the minimum age for children?

Absolutely! The minimum age for Family trips is 12, and for Powder Intro trips is 14 years of age, and all children must ski with their parents/guardians and 2 guides.

What does a typical day look like - do I have to ski all day? How many runs will I get in a day? How much vertical will I ski?

The day begins with an optional morning warm up class, which we highly recommend you attend. Breakfast is served. Check the daily group list and be ready for the appropriate departure time. You will then head out for an exhilarating day of powder skiing. Return time to the lodge will vary depending on weather and time of year. Most areas offer you a chance to return to the lodge during the day on a fuel run.

How much vertical you ski each day is dependant on weather and safety conditions as well as the pace of the ski groups. Each trip comes with a vertical guarantee based on the length of the trip. Visit our Vertical - What’s Included, Guaranteed & Refunded page to see the vertical guarantee for our Powder Intro & Family Heli-Skiing trips.

What's included in my trip? What should I pack?

All of CMH’s Heli-Skiing trips include accommodation at one of our spectacular lodges, food and non-alcoholic beverages, certified guides and helicopter pilots, safety training and the use of specially designed Heli-Skis. Our What’s Included page will give you full details on everything that is included.

For our Powder Intro & Family Heli-Skiing trips, we would recommend you pack the following:

  • Ski or snowboard boots (mandatory)
  • Snowboard, if required (NOTE: We do have some snowboards available to rent. Visit our What’s Included page to learn more
  • Snow pants and warm coat
  • Hard shell or one-piece suit
  • Goggles/mitts or gloves
  • Wool hat or toque
  • Multi-layer clothing for skiing
  • 3-4 pairs of comfortable, warm socks
  • Light workout clothes for morning stretch class
  • Bathing suit for hot tub or sauna
  • Indoor shoes or slippers
  • Casual clothing for in the lodge
  • Optional items: alarm clock, camera, binoculars, collapsible poles (for snowboarders), spare snowboard parts (as listed in the Snowboard Gear form you will receive when you book)

    While we recommend helmets be worn on all Heli-Skiing trips, helmets are only mandatory for Steep Shots & Pillow Drops, and Steep Camp.
Do I have to jump out of a helicopter?

Jumping out of a helicopter is not only dangerous, but it is not allowed. After the helicopter lands, your guide will get out of the front seat, open the latch on the door, and everyone will exit the helicopter one at a time to make sure your guides and all guests stay safe.