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CMH Heli-Skiing: All Season Long
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Where off-piste goes on and on

Whether you’re new to Heli-Skiing or a veteran of all things steep and deep, we have over three million acres of terrain to satisfy riders and skiers of all kinds. From cascading powder drops and endless glaciers, to pristine high alpine bowls and perfectly spaced trees, you're sure to come back with a handful of stories and a heart full of memories.

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Safety in numbers

With over 50 years of safe skiing, we know the ins and outs of every run we ride. We use the best safety gear on the market, check our helis from rotor to skids before every trip, and ensure every guide has the extensive training and on-mountain experience to get everyone home safely.

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Embrace the camaraderie of the backcountry

Our Signature Trips can take you to almost every lodge in our collection. From laidback town-side hangouts to remote backcountry luxury, you have plenty of places to dry your boots, rest your legs and make new friends over cold beers, gourmet meals and hot tubs. You may arrive as strangers, but you’ll leave as family.

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Signature Trips

Experience the classic Heli-Skiing trip CMH was built on. Glide across glaciers and float through remote glades with the company of 10 soon-to-be best friends. When you're ready to hang up your skis, retreat to the spa for a massage, and refuel with a gourmet meal and backcountry cocktail. There's a reason these are our Signature Trips.

frequently asked questions

Can my group ski together?

Groups are formed based on compatible ability. If you and your friends are evenly matched in ability, then you may be able to ski together. We reserve the right to form the groups to optimize the compatibility of skiing abilities and balance the weights of all the groups.

How fit do I need to be to Heli-Ski?

A typical CMH Heli-Skiing Guest is:

  • a strong intermediate to advanced skier/rider
  • able to ski/ride in control on most terrain and willing to try black diamond runs
  • comfortable in a variety of snow conditions
  • fit enough to ski/ride for consecutive days
  • someone who has skied/ridden actively at mountain resorts for a few seasons
When's the best time to go Heli-Skiing?

Our entire season, starting in December and ending in early May, offers great backcountry skiing and riding opportunities. Depending on what you are looking for in terrain and ski conditions, we can offer up a variety of options throughout the season.

What does a typical day look like - do I have to ski all day? How many runs will I get in a day? How much vertical will I ski?

The day begins with an optional morning warm up class, which we highly recommend you attend. Breakfast is served. Check the daily group list and be ready for the appropriate departure time. You will then head out for an exhilarating day of powder skiing. Return time to the lodge will vary depending on weather and time of year. Most areas offer you a chance to return to the lodge during the day on a fuel run.

How much vertical you ski each day is dependant on weather and safety conditions as well as the pace of the ski groups. Each trip comes with a vertical guarantee based on the length of the trip. Visit our Vertical - What’s Included, Guaranteed & Refunded page to see the vertical guarantee for our Signature Heli-Skiing trips.

What happens if I'm not experienced in skiing trees?

We ski in natural, mature forests where the wide spacing between large trees makes for fun skiing. Our experience in these forests allows us to find great skiing during periods of poor visibility and when the avalanche risk is high on the open slopes. All of our areas have tree skiing throughout the season.

How many people are in the lodge?

The number of guests varies per lodge. We can accommodate from 4 - 48 guests in the lodge at one time, depending on where you choose to ski.

Can my kids ski with me? Can I bring my non-skiing partner/family member?

Children as young as 12 can ski with CMH if they are booked on a Family Trip. If your child is 14 - 15 years old, they can join any trip that has 2 guides skiing with the group, as long as they ski with a parent/guardian. From age 16 - 18, they can ski any program as long as they are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
You can bring a non-skier to any of our lodges - we have a variety of amenities they can take advantage of while you are skiing.

What's included in my trip? What should I pack?

All of CMH’s Heli-Skiing trips include accommodation at one of our spectacular lodges, food and non-premium non-alcoholic beverages, certified guides and helicopter pilots, safety training and the use of specially designed Heli-Skis. Our What’s Included page will give you full details on everything that is included.

For our Signature Heli-Skiing trips, we would recommend you pack the following:

  • Ski or snowboard boots (mandatory)
  • Snowboard, if required (NOTE: We do have some snowboards available to rent. Visit our What’s Included page to learn more
  • Snow pants and warm coat
  • Hard shell or one-piece suit
  • Goggles/mitts or gloves
  • Wool hat or toque
  • Multi-layer clothing for skiing
  • 3-4 pairs of comfortable, warm socks
  • Light workout clothes for morning stretch class
  • Bathing suit for hot tub or sauna
  • Indoor shoes or slippers
  • Casual clothing for in the lodge
  • Optional items: alarm clock, camera, binoculars, collapsible poles (for snowboarders), spare snowboard parts (as listed in the Snowboard Gear form you will receive when you book)

    While we recommend helmets be worn on all Heli-Skiing trips, helmets are only mandatory for Steep Shots & Pillow Drops, and Steep Camp.