zip lineover raging rivers

suspend disbelief600 metres in the air

get up-closewith glaciers & granite spires

High Flying Adventures
Climbing Mt Nimbus Via Ferrata

A surplus of excitement

Looking to add more adventure to your Heli-Hiking, Family or Lodge-to-Lodge trip? We’ve got more than we know what to do with. If you’re looking for a playful escape, come share in the excitement – from hiking alongside formidable glaciers, to ziplining through the trees, to navigating sky-high cable bridges. We dare you not to yell “wahoo!”

Zillmer Canyon Via Ferrata
Zillmer Canyon Via Ferrata

Zillmer Canyon Via Ferrata

Immerse your senses in the incredible experience that is the Zillmer Canyon via ferrata. Lead by your professional mountain guide, explore the area around the truly astounding Zillmer Glacier - a place ONLY accessible by helicopter. Tightly fitted into your climbing harness, you’ll double-clip into the safety line before ascending an exhilarating mountain route through the winding course of the canyon, following the glacial waters and traversing ever-closer to the ancient glacier above.

This is a lifetime experience.

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Mount Nimbus Via Ferrata / Jesse Tamayo Summiting Mt. Nimbus Via Ferrata

Mt. Nimbus Via Ferrata

This trip gives new meaning to a “natural high.” You won’t just feel on top of the world – you’ll be on top of the world. First we’ll scale Mt. Nimbus – and North America's longest via ferrata – then cross a mind-blowing suspension bridge.

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Skyladder Via Ferrata / Jesse Tamayo Skyladder Via Ferrata / Jesse Tamayo

Skyladder Via Ferrata

Big views await on this experience of a lifetime. Conquer the via ferrata – Italian for “iron road” – with a half-day vertical tour that takes you up a series of rock-affixed metal rungs. After that, you’ll stroll a spectacular summit with brilliant glacier views.

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Conrad Glacier Adventure / Jesse Tamayo Conrad Glacier Adventure / Jesse Tamayo

Conrad Glacier Adventure

Start with a visit to the peaceful Conrad ice field – and while you’re there, take a deep breath and savour that serenity. You might need it when you zip-line over a raging river, ascend vertical rock faces along a via ferrata, and cross a stunning suspension bridge.

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Conrad Glacier at Bobbie Burns banner ferrata 1

Glacier Trekking

This is what mountaineer dreams are made of. Fly to the edge of Bugaboo Provincial Park then trek with us across a glacier and under towering granite spires. The hike itself isn’t challenging but you might struggle to keep your jaw from dropping.

Conrad Glacier / Jesse Tamayo Canadian Signature Experience

A Canadian Signature Experience

All the gear is provided as you fly out with our guides to adventure in the trackless British Columbia wilderness. Then fly back and enjoy the included WiFi, gourmet meals, and luxe amenities at one of two iconic destinations. There's truly nothing else like it.

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Classic Heli-Access Hiking + Via Ferrata

Our Classic Heli-Access Hiking program features many options for 3- or 6-day trips. One day you can be trekking across a colossal glacier under towering granite spires, the next you could be conquering North America’s longest via ferrata. Choose your own adventure while knowing that all paths lead back to a luxe lodge at the end of the day.

frequently asked questions

Do I need to reserve the Via Ferrata ahead of time? What if I change my mind?

You do not need to reserve the Via Ferrata ahead of time; however, space may be limited, so to avoid disappointment, we recommend booking in advance.

If you change your mind at the lodge and decide you don’t want to do the Via Ferrata, there is no problems with cancelling.

What's a typical day like?

Morning offers choices: join the morning stretch or sleep a little longer. Breakfast is served at 8:00am and the first helicopter leaves at 9:00am.

Each group, with its own guide, spends the day roaming and hiking in the mountains. Over the course of the day, the helicopter may move each group to three or four different areas giving you a chance to experience a variety of settings. Lunch is picnic-style with food that you pack from a great selection set out at the lodge each morning, or you can return to the lodge at lunch time.
In the late afternoon, we fly back to the lodge for tea, goodies and relaxation prior to a spectacular dinner and an evening of story-swapping. Just as our groups vary, our mileage varies from approximately one kilometre (1/2 mile) to 15 kilometres (9 miles) - guests hike as much or as little as they desire.

What else will I do aside from the Via Ferrata over the 3 or 6 days?

On the days you are not doing the Via Ferrata/Glacier Trek, you will be joining our regular Heli-Access Hiking groups.

What is the minimum age to do a Via Ferrata?

The minimum age at Via Ferratas from the Bugaboos Lodge and the Bobbie Burns Lodge is 12 years old.

In both cases a parent must participate in the Via Ferrata/Glacier Trek with the child. In all cases final decision is the discretion of the Area Manager; factors that will be considered include the maturity of the child; fitness level, etc.

Do I need to have climbing experience to do the Via Ferrata?

No, climbing experience is not required to do a Via Ferrata.

Can I do a Via Ferrata at all lodges?

The Bobbie Burns lodge is home to the Mt. Nimbus Via Ferrata and the Conrad Glacier Adventure. The Bugaboo lodge is home to the Skyladder Via Ferrata and Glacier Trekking. The Cariboo Lodge is home to the new Zillmer Canyon Via Ferrata.