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unparalleled viewsget higher, faster

off the gridno trails, no crowds

The trail less travelled

Sometimes we all need an escape. A helicopter takes you where the trails don’t – deep in the wilderness, to places so remote they’d take days to reach with a backpack. We’ll fly you above the treeline and beyond your wildest hiking dreams.

Bugaboo views / Taylor Burk

Place, not pace

Don’t be intimidated – we tailor your trip to your ability and interest and we’ve got the contingencies covered. Our highly trained guides know the terrain, are equipped with all the gear, and make sure every adventure is just this side of your comfort level.

The height of comfort

What’s better than a day amongst ancient glaciers, alpine lakes and wildflowers? How about that day, with a massage at the end of it? Our heli-hiking adventures are based out of three amenity-filled lodges – Bobbie Burns, Bugaboos and Cariboos – that are your home base for relaxation and exploration.

Jesse Tamayo Bumsliding at the Cariboos / Jesse Tamayo

All you need is a thirst for adventure

Someone in the family that hasn't hiked before? No problem. We’ve hosted newbies, novices and family members of all ages. Each morning, our guides will devise a day tailored to your abilities. They respect your limitations and they respect the mountains; so they make sure everything you do is 100% safe.

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Classic Heli-Access Hiking + Via Ferrata

Take a 3-, 4- or 6-day trip through breathtaking scenery hardly anyone else has seen. You’ll catch a morning helicopter then spend the day exploring mountain ridges and meadows. As a group we’ll get so far off the beaten path that there aren’t any paths at all – then we’ll head back to civilization (and a very luxe lodge).

frequently asked questions

What's included in my trip? What should I pack?

All of CMH’s Summer adventures include accommodation at one of two spectacular lodges, food and non-alcoholic beverages, certified guides and helicopter pilots, safety training and the use of hiking equipment (boots, jackets, daypacks, rainpants, walking poles, and water bottles). Our What’s Included page will give you full details on everything that is included.

For our Heli-Assisted Hiking Trips, we recommend you pack the following:

  • Lightweight sweater/fleece/vest
  • 2 long- and short-sleeved shirts or technical shirts
  • Comfortable pants for hiking (jeans are not recommended)
  • 2-3 pairs of socks (wool or synthetic; thick and thin pairs)
  • Shorts (or zip-off combination long pants/shorts)
  • Good-quality sunglasses
  • Hat or ball cap
  • Warm gloves (be prepared for all types of weather)
  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Thin leather (or similar) gloves if you are participating in a Via Ferrata or Glacier Trek (you can also purchase these gloves in our lodge shop)
  • Optional items: alarm clock, flashlight, trekking poles, binoculars, lunch container
What's a typical day like? How much will I hike?

Morning offers choices: join the morning stretch or sleep a little longer. Breakfast is served at 8:00am and the first helicopter leaves at 9:00am.

Each group, with its own guide, spends the day roaming and hiking in the mountains. Over the course of the day, the helicopter may move each group to three or four different areas giving you a chance to experience a variety of settings. Lunch is picnic-style with food that you pack from a great selection set out at the lodge each morning.

In the late afternoon, we fly back to the lodge for tea, goodies and relaxation prior to a spectacular dinner and an evening of story-swapping. Just as our groups vary, our mileage varies from approximately one kilometre (1/2 mile) to 15 kilometres (9 miles) - guests hike as much or as little as they desire.

What is the terrain like? Do I get dropped off at the top of a mountain and then hike down?

There’s a variety of terrain to explore - you might get dropped off:

  • in an Alpine Meadow and hike up
  • on a glacier to explore and hike
  • on a mountain Ridge and hike down

    The fitness level and ability of your group will determine your hiking options.
What's the weather like?

Due to the high mountain environment, expect to experience various conditions. The weather can be sunny and warm, but be prepared for cooler tempertaures, rain, wind and possibly snow.

Mountain weather can change with very little warning. Temperatures range from highs of 10 to 35 degrees C (50 - 95F) to lows of -1 to 15 degrees C (30 - 50F).

I'm an avid hiker - will I be challenged?

Absolutely! Our guides share a passion for exploring everything the Columbia Mountains have to offer, and if you’re seeking a challenge, they’re ready to give you a good hiking workout.

I'm not a hiker - will I be able to keep up with the group?

Whether it’s a hike, walk or amble, each Heli-Hiking day is tailored to all levels of fitness, experience and age. We split the group as necessary so everyone can stay within their comfort level. The only requirement is a thirst for adventure.

What is the minimum age for children?

There is no minimum age for children to take part in a Heli-Hiking trip. Parents must hike with their children, and the pace set with the slowest member of the group.

There's a lot of people in our family - can you accommodate all of us?

Absolutely - we can accommodate up to 44 guests on any one trip.

Are all your guides certified?

Most CMH guides have made a lifelong career of their passion. They are dedicated professionals, trained in the European guiding tradition, which emphasizes both respect for the mountains and concern for the well-being of guests. Our guides are fully trained and regularly re-trained in first aid, wilderness rescue, emergency procedures and prevention. Many of our Heli-Hiking guides are fully certified by the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA) - on average, a 10 year process. The rest are Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) - certified, also with rigorous standards. Each one of our guides is an experienced and knowledgeable interpreter of our mountains’ flora, fauna, geology and natural history, ensuring that your Heli-Hiking experience is both safe and enriching.

I have a history of health issues - what medical supplies do you have on site?

You shoud be prepared and bring your own medications, although we do have some basic medicine that can be purchased in our retail shop. Extensive first aid kits and resuscitation kits are part of the lodge emergency supplies.

Will we have any wildlife encounters?

In all of our trips, we strive to avoid any contact with wildlife. However, all of our guides are trained in safely dealing with wildlife encounters, should one occur