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Workshop Trips at a Glance

  • Professional instruction
  • Explore a stunning landscape via helicopter
  • Daily presentations on improving technique
  • Learn how to capture the grandiosity of nature

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Painting Outside with Mike Svob

Learn from one of Canada’s eminent painters in an iconic landscape on a 3 day trip to CMH Cariboos. Venture to remote viewpoints via helicopter with a small group as Mike teaches you how to analyze, simplify and capture the landscape in bold, beautiful paintings with your own interpretations and inspirations. Evenings will be spent relaxing and dining at Cariboos lodge.

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Your partners in safety

Our helicopters are flown by experienced mountain pilots who work closely with our knowledgeable guides. Together, they'll take you to all the best (and safest) vantage points for shots, and memories, that you won't believe.

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Indulgence included

Rest your brain and your limbs at the end of a long day of learning in our Cariboos lodge, where you can unwind and trade tips with your fellow students – or find some liquid inspiration at the bar.

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Painting Workshop with Mike Svob

Professional painting instruction from the best classroom on Earth. Fly to a stunning location with the artist before breathing in and finding inspiration in some of the most astounding scenery in Canada. Mother Nature will happily be your muse.

frequently asked questions

What makes the painting workshop so special?

You will be part of a small group of 11 painters who will stay at the remote Cariboos lodge, and fly to stunning locations each day to paint within some of the most incredible scenery in the world. You’ll have the services of professional painter Mike Svob on-hand as he provides you with instruction and tips throughout the trip.

What does a typical day look like?

Our aim is to paint “plein air”, which means “outside”. You’ll fly to a few locations each day where Mike will do a demonstration and help everyone individually. You will do as many plein air landscape paintings as the conditions and time allow, but plan for three or four each full day. Once you return to the lodge, you’ll have further instruction and art discussion.

How much painting experience do I need?

All abilities are welcome. Whether you’re a beginner who has only done a few paintings, or a professional with many canvasses under your belt, you’re going to find this trip rewarding.

How fit do I need to be?

Once you’re dropped off at your daily painting location, you’ll need to walk from 100m-1km while carrying your equipment.

Is instruction included in my workshop?

Yes – you’ll receive instruction from artist Mike Svob.

What equipment do I need to bring for the painting workshop?

All of your painting gear needs to be easily portable, packable and light. Once the helicopter drops you off at your location for the day, you need to carry your equipment by hand or in a backpack. Trolleys with wheels will not work on the terrain.

Your painting gear should weigh around 10-15 lbs / 5-7 kilos.
Recommended equipment:

  • A sturdy, lightweight easel that can withstand some wind and hold your painting surface. A French easel paint box or similar will carry most everything you need
  • Any paint or drawing medium you wish to use; acrylic, oil, watercolour, pencil
  • Recommended colour palette:
    1. Titanium White
    2. (Hansa or Cad) Lemon Yellow
    3. Cadmium Yellow Deep
    4. Cadmium Red
    5. Quinacridone Magenta (Crimson or Alizarin)
    6. Cobalt Blue
    7. Ultramarine Blue
    8. Carbon Black
    9. This is the minimum, if you have a few other favourite paints, please bring them
  • A small bucket for rinsing your brushes (water is readily available)
  • Oil Painters: Mike highly recommends using a quick drying medium with your paint. Alkyd or Cobalt drier are effective. You will also need small sealed containers for you to clean your brushes.
  • A lightweight camera to capture this truly unique landscape (camera phones work great)
  • A few paint brushes (small to medium)
  • A sketchpad, paper, pencils, a sharpener
  • Paper towels and or rags
  • A bag for your garbage
  • Masking tape, a palette knife, small canvases, boards or paper. (Approx. 3 or 4 for each day).
What happens if it rains?

Rain? No problem! If the weather doesn’t allow us to paint outside, we will visit different locations to take photos of the landscape. We’ll then return to the lodge to paint, using the photographs we have taken that very morning as reference.

What's the weather like?

Due to the high mountain environment, expect to experience various conditions. The weather can be sunny and warm, but be prepared for cooler tempertaures, rain, wind and possibly snow.

Mountain weather can change with very little warning. Temperatures range from highs of 10 to 35 degrees C (50 - 95F) to lows of -1 to 15 degrees C (30 - 50F).

What should I pack for a Summer Workshop?

All of CMH’s Summer adventures include accommodation at one of two spectacular lodges, food and non-alcoholic beverages, certified guides and helicopter pilots, safety training and the use of hiking equipment (boots, jackets, daypacks, rainpants, walking poles, and water bottles). Our What’s Included page will give you full details on everything that is included.

For our Summer Workshops, we recommend you pack the following:

  • Lightweight sweater/fleece/vest
  • 2 long- and short-sleeved shirts or technical shirts
  • Comfortable pants for hiking (jeans are not recommended)
  • 2-3 pairs of socks (wool or synthetic; thick and thin pairs)
  • Shorts (or zip-off combination long pants/shorts)
  • Good-quality sunglasses
  • Hat or ball cap
  • Warm gloves (be prepared for all types of weather)
  • Camera
  • Water bottle
  • Thin leather (or similar) gloves if you are participating in a Via Ferrata or Glacier Trek (you can also purchase these gloves in our lodge shop)
  • Optional items: alarm clock, flashlight, trekking poles, binoculars, lunch container
I have a history of health issues - what medical supplies do you have on site?

You shoud be prepared and bring your own medications, although we do have some basic medicine that can be purchased in our retail shop. Extensive first aid kits and resuscitation kits are part of the lodge emergency supplies.