Access the inaccessibleHeli flights to start points

Unparalleled routesKnowledgeable guides, incredible backdrop

Well-Appointed LodgeRefuel, rest and restore

Trail Running at a Glance

Astounding landscapes and no crowds. Enjoy some of the world’s best trails on this specialized trip in the pristine Bugaboo mountains.

Offering flexibility for different abilities and preferences, your expectations are perfectly balanced with a sense of accomplishment and much-deserved relaxation post-run.

  • Daily helicopter flights to route starts
  • Professional guides leading the way
  • Cover up to 25km per day.
  • Nourishing meals

This is unlike any other trip - this is trail running at CMH.

guided trail running

Your partners in safety

Between our experienced helicopter pilots, and ACMG guides you’re in excellent hands. Together, they'll safely take you to astonishing locations within the Bugaboos on this ultimate multi-day trail running trip.

Indulgence included

After a day of running in the mountains, you’ll return to the well-appointed Bugaboo lodge to refuel with gourmet food, rest your legs in a bubbling hot tub, and restore before the adventure continues the next day.

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Trail Running

Trade roads for ridgelines, parklands for peaks and sidewalks for spires on this ultimate trip. The heli will lift you to the start point, and our guides will show you the way on this path less travelled through the spectacular Bugaboo mountains of British Columbia.

frequently asked questions

What trail running experience do I need?

You do not need specific trail running experience to take part in this program as our guides will provide coaching in mountain terrain. We do recommend that you at least run on roads or trails 3-4 times per week to participate in this program and are confident that you can run 5-6km distances non-stop for 3 days in a row.

How far will I run each day?

We have designed the trail running program so that your distance increases each day. Typically on Day 1, you will run between 5-8km with approx. 200-400m ascent. Day 2, you will run up to 10km with approx. 400-600m ascent. On Day 3, you will run up to 20km with approx.. 500-1000m ascent. These distances are subject to change depending on ability and experience.

What happens if I can’t keep up with the group?

There are two guides for the group allowing us to cater to any splits required for speed and ability. If you still find yourself struggling, we would recommend that you switch to the equally inspiring daily heli-hiking. You will still be able to explore with us!

Are running shoes acceptable or should I have specific trail running shoes?

Participants must have trail running shoes. We recommend mid or low ankle trail runners.

Will there be the opportunity to take photos?

Absolutely! We will make stops during the day where you will have chance to take photos.

What equipment do I need to bring for the trail running trip?

Our recommended packing list is below:

  • Hydration Vest or backpack (2.5-3L hydration compatible)
  • Trail running shoes
  • Socks (x4)
  • Running Shorts (x2)
  • Running Tights (x2)
  • Lightweight T-shirt (x2)
  • Lightweight long-sleeved shirt (x1)
  • Waterproof Shell/Running Jacket (Hooded preferably)
  • Collapsing water bottle (for vest or backpack)
  • Baseball style hat or running cap
  • Compression socks/tights (optional)
  • Toque/Beanie
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Insulated Mid Layer (jacket or vest)
  • Sun Glasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip Balm
  • Electrolyte tablets/powder(optional)
  • Watch (GPS compatible not mandatory, but helpful)
  • Braces or tensor bandages (as personally required)
  • Moleskin or Second skin
  • Body-Glide or Vaseline
  • Bug Spray

*Laundry is accessible at the lodge, if required

For clothing, opt for the same technical clothing that you wear on your daily runs—mainly clothing made from synthetic, moisture wicking fabric instead of cotton, which retains humidity and once it’s wet, tends to stay wet, leading to all sort of chaffing and discomfort. Nonetheless, consider going for something that you don’t mind getting wet, soiled, muddy or torn and ripped by branches or bushes​.