The guides of CMH are professionals committed to not only keeping our guests safe in the mountains, but also to helping our guests to have the perfect vacation with the understanding that everyone’s needs are different.

CMH Guides


Our team of highly experienced Heli-Skiing guides are passionate about the wilderness and sharing it with others in a safe, supportive environment. That’s why our 100+ member team represents over 1,400 years of guiding experience. Every CMH Mountain Guide has completed an 8-year certification process with the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) or the International Federation of Mountain Guides Association (IFMGA).

Our Heli-Skiing guides are trained in:

  • Avalanche hazard evaluation & management
  • Weather analysis
  • Emergency first aid

CMH has developed an industry-leading snow and avalanche risk management system that includes an accompanying snow safety guide and helicopter, state-of-the-art weather/snow information collection, snowpack structure evaluation, constant avalanche hazard assessment in the field, and tailoring our ski experiences to conditions for maximum safety.


Since 1978 the guides of CMH Summer Adventures have hosted 75,000 guests, and exceeded the expectations of nearly all of them.

Canadian guide certification is done through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides, an affiliate of the UIAGM/IFMGA, the organization that sets international standards for mountain guide training.

In addition to their certified expertise, our guides have diverse backgrounds and engaging personalities with a contagious sense of adventure. They are eager to share your excitement and show you a great time!

No two CMH Summer Adventures are alike, and it is thanks to our guides that each person can experience the alpine paradise of British Columbia in the way that suits them best. Our guides meet every morning and evening to adjust the plan for each guest with the goal of giving everyone their ideal experience – be it exciting Via Ferrata and Glacier Treks, to casual photo sessions in fields of wildflowers and short hikes through fantasy-like scenery.

Your guide will be equally adept at helping a couple in their 90s take a dreamy stroll along an easy ridge overlooking an alpine wonderland, leading a team of adventure travelers safely across a glacier, or showing a family with young children how to have the most fun in the wilderness.

CMH Helicopters


We use helicopters to access the most pristine parts of the Rocky Mountains for one simple reason: there are no roads to these areas. The helicopter access might start as a logistical necessity to visit the breathtaking terrain, but for most of our guests, the helicopter quickly becomes a highlight in its own right.

Your experience with the helicopter is not hurried or urgent like you might see on television or movies; this is a technology to be enjoyed, not rushed.

Alpine Helicopters manages a world-class helicopter service, with a fleet of 32 Bell helicopters, an aerotech department that services Bell helicopters from all over the world, and an industry-leading reputation for excellence.

The helicopters that support CMH are flown by experienced mountain pilots and are maintained by an onsite helicopter engineer. Our partnership with a recognized leader in the helicopter industry allows our guests to enjoy the exciting capabilities of the helicopter, with the peace of mind that their heli is:

  • flown by the best possible pilot;
  • maintained by a well-trained engineer whose sole job is to take care of the helicopter;
  • backed by a helicopter company that is respected worldwide for safety, reliability, maintenance and unsurpassed quality.


While we fly past incredible scenery, we are not a flightseeing operation. This means we plan our flights to maximize the efficiency of the machine, choosing destinations that give everyone an optimal mountain experience without using excessive fuel or flight hours on long flights. We use the helicopters to get into the best part of the mountains, and then to leave us for an intimate experience in the natural world.

CMH Heli-Skiing Safety Video

Required viewing by every guest, on every trip, regardless of experience; this 14-minute safety video covers topics such as partner skiing, tree wells, avalanches, and helicopter procedures. Together we can mitigate the hazards and enjoy the amazing mountain experience of Heli-Skiing.