When you booked your trip, you received the information below within your Trip Confirmation email. All of us at CMH want you to have the opportunity to maximize your time in the field, however, sometimes, due to factors like weather, things just don’t go to plan – As such, we created a policy around the amount of Vertical Included in your trip and the Vertical Guarantee with the charge/refund rates associated with both. Please take some time to review when and how the policy applies.


Every Heli-Skiing trip at CMH includes a certain amount of metres based on the length of your trip, the lodge at which you are staying and/or the program you’ve selected; this is referred to as Vertical Included.

You will only be charged for the additional metres you ski over and above your Vertical Included. A daily tally of vertical skied will be posted in a public area of the lodge so you can keep track throughout your trip.


CMH guarantees that guests have the opportunity to ski a predetermined number of vertical metres per trip; this is referred to as the Vertical Guarantee.

If you do not reach your Vertical Guarantee due to operational factors such as an inability to fly due to poor weather or mechanical breakdown, a refund will be given. The refund is calculated based on the difference between the Vertical Guarantee, and the metres that you actually skied during your trip. CMH will not issue refunds if you do not reach your Vertical Guarantee due to injury, illness, accidents, ski ability or personal choice (meaning you do not reach the Vertical Guarantee because you choose to stay at or return to the Lodge and not ski).

Should you be eligible, you may apply your refund towards any charges for incidentals at the lodge (ie: bar, retail shop, massage), on a future trip with CMH (summer or winter), or a credit card or cheque following your trip.

The chart below provides an overview of the Vertical Included, Vertical Guarantee, and the Charge/Refund rate for all programs and lodges for the current and next operating seasons. All charges and refunds are calculated in metres.
(Please note: there is no Vertical Guarantee on Heli-Assisted Touring Trips and Privates/Exclusives are not listed)

Program / Lodge Trip Length
Vertical Included Vertical Guarantee Charge / Refund Rate (CAD/1000m)
Signature Trips
Bugaboos, Bobbie Burns, Cariboos, Galena, Gothics, Monashees
8 34,860m 34,860m $155
7 30,500m 30,500m
6 26,150m 26,150m
5 21,780m 21,780m
4 17,500m 17,500m
Signature Trips
Revelstoke, Kootenay
7 30,500m 30,500m
5 21,780m 15,250m
4 17,500m 12,340m
Small Group
All lodges
7 30,500m 30,500m $175
6 26,150m 26,150m
5 21,780m 21,780m
4 17,500m 17,500m
Powder Intro, Powder Masters, Steep Shots & Pillow Drops
All lodges
7 30,500m 21,500m $155
5 21,780m 15,250m
4 17,500m 12,340m
All lodges (Heli-ski days only)
7 17,500m 17,500m
5 11,500m 11,500m
Child spaces
All lodges (Family Trips)
7 15,250m 15,250m
5 10,890m 10,890m
4 8,750m 8,750m

Additional Credit as Conditional Deposit

In the rare circumstance that we are unable to fly due to weather and/or mechanical breakdown for a significant portion of your trip, we would like to offer you additional credit as a Conditional Deposit towards a future CMH Trip. Based on the length of your trip, you will be eligible for a Conditional Deposit if you have skied less than the amounts listed below.

Trip Length (days) Vertical metres Conditional Deposit (CAD)
8 22,290 $1,000
7 19,500 $1,000
5 13,750 $500
4 11,000 $500

The Conditional Deposit + your calculated Refund amount must be left on your account and used together towards a new summer or winter booking within 2 years.

If you apply your Refund towards incidental charges (bar, shop or massage) or choose a refund on credit card or cheque, you forfeit the Conditional Deposit.

Conditional Deposits are non-transferable, have no cash value and expire two years from the date of issue.